CarbonBuilt’s Reversa™ process transforms carbon dioxide (CO₂ ) taken directly from industrial processes, biomass boilers, or emerging direct air capture solutions into a low carbon, but otherwise "no compromise", precast concrete product.


Reversa's breakthrough use of low cost and low carbon materials enables this capital and energy efficient curing process to deliver a 70-100%+ reduction in concrete's carbon footprint along with a 30%+ financial return.


A world in which global economic prosperity

is no longer a threat to the climate.




To enable concrete manufacturing to drive large-scale greenhouse gas reductions

through the cost-effective utilization of CO₂ and other industrial waste.


  • Optimism. Our innovations can and will have a transformative impact on ensuring the sustainability of our world.

  • Engineering for Impact. An innovation isn’t a success unless it is commercialized. We focus on breakthrough inventions that will make a difference to the world we live in.

  • Performance & Functionality. We build products that deliver the performance our customers require as well as significant environmental, economic and societal benefits.

  • Diversity. We have a responsibility to create opportunities for women and people of color within our company and thus serve as a model for the construction industry.

  • Transparency. We are forthright with our stakeholders about the opportunities and limitations of our technologies, and advocate for all industry players to do the same.


CarbonBuilt is led by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and concrete industry veterans.


Rahul Shendure


Rahul is a successful entrepreneur and investor in climate- and bio-tech, having started, led, and exited multiple companies. He spun CarbonBuilt out of UCLA’s Institute for Carbon Management after being unable to find a compelling low carbon concrete startup to invest in. Rahul has a BS in Chemical Engineering from MIT and an MBA from Harvard.

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Conor Cooper Headshot_crop_edited_edited.jpg

Conor Cooper

Head of Business

Conor comes to CarbonBuilt having served as President of the Anchor Group of Oldcastle APG, the largest concrete products producer in North America. He saw the potential of CarbonBuilt as he was reviewing sustainable options for Oldcastle, and joined the team. He brings broad general management expertise in, and deep relationships across, the masonry industry. Conor has a BA in Econ. from Colby.

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Cindy Headshot.png

Cindy McLaughlin

Head of Product

Cindy leads market awareness and carbon monetization. She’s a 4x Founder/CEO, most recently leading a NYC commercial real estate technology company, where she worked closely with developers and architects. She mixed concrete by hand in Peace Corps Congo and has an MBA from MIT.

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Iman Mehdipour.png

Iman Mehdipour

Head of Engineering

Iman helped develop CarbonBuilt’s patented technology as part of his postdoctoral work on concrete at UCLA’s Laboratory for the Chemistry of Construction Materials. He brings an unparalleled work ethic and execution-orientation combined with a second-to-none understanding of the chemical properties of concrete. Iman has a PhD in Civil Engineering/Infrastructure from Missouri Univ. of Science & Tech. 

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2_CTran Headshot.png

Camly Tran

Head of Operations

Camly came to CarbonBuilt to lead operations after serving as Executive Director of UCLA’s Institute for Carbon Management. She combines serious organizational and execution skills with a deep understanding of the potential and trajectory of CarbonBuilt’s technology. Camly has a PhD in Chemistry from Brown. 

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Ed Muller

Board Chair
Former Vice Chairman, NRG Energy
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Gaurav Sant

CarbonBuilt Founder  Professor and Director, UCLA Institute for Carbon Management
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Rahul Shendure

CarbonBuilt CEO
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Neil Renninger

2x founder/CTO
(Amyris, Ripple Foods)
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Kendall Anderegg

President & CEO

Mutual Materials

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Walter Dissinger

Former CEO

Votorantim Cimentos

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Anne Ellis

Former VP Innovation, AECOM

Former President,

American Concrete Inst. 

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Alex Hall

CEO, Concrete-AI;

Former EVP Suffolk Construction;  

LafargeHolcim US

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Joe Coriaty

 FAIA - Managing Partner, Frederick Fisher & Partners

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Jefferson Asher

Managing Principal/

Past Chairman -

KPFF Consulting Engineers

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Heather McGeory

Global Lead, 

Climate & Sustainability


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