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Concrete is both the literal and figurative foundation of society. From roads, to bridges, to dams, concrete has been instrumental in improving our quality of life. But it comes at an environmental cost -- roughly 10 percent of global emissions are generated by the industry. And meeting the infrastructure needs of future worldwide population growth and developing economies will drive demand for concrete -- and its associated emissions -- to unsustainable levels. 


That’s why we’ve developed revolutionary Reversa technology, which injects CO₂ emissions from industrial sources (like cement, bio-energy and natural gas plants) directly into a proprietary new formulation for concrete during its production. Reversa reduces the CO₂  emissions of concrete by more than 50% as compared to traditional pre-cast concrete; and operating at scale, it can deliver a gigaton-level reduction of CO₂ emissions. 


This revolutionary process prevents these emissions from reaching the atmosphere, storing them in concrete ... for good.

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