Shifting our electricity mix from coal and natural gas to renewables, and our transportation fleet from gasoline and diesel to electric vehicles, are critically important transitions.  But these are insufficient to deal with climate change.


Mitigating against the worst potential impacts of climate change requires that humanity eliminate all emissions and start removing carbon from the atmosphere. Carbon utilization – the use of carbon dioxide to produce products with tangible economic value (such as concrete or polymers) – can facilitate the emergence of direct air capture solutions required to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.  Concrete and other mineralization solutions represent the most unambiguously permanent approach to carbon storage.


In the absence of government action, the private sector is stepping up to purchase carbon dioxide removals, emissions reductions and emissions avoidance – all of which can play an important role in catalyzing cost reductions in promising carbon removal and utilization technologies.  These purchases allow companies to offset their residual ongoing and historic emissions.

Use of CarbonBuilt’s technology can deliver high-quality (measurable, permanent, additional, and verified) carbon removals, reductions and avoidance credits as follows:

  • Avoidance: shifting to raw materials with lower embodied carbon (i.e., lower carbon dioxide emissions in their production).

  • Reductions: utilization of carbon dioxide from “hard to decarbonize”, fossil fuel-based sources ranging from cement plants to steel mills to diesel trucks.

  • Removal: utilization of carbon dioxide from biomass-based industrial processes or emerging direct air capture solutions.