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For masonry and precast concrete producers seeking to bolster the financial strength of their operations while meeting the increasing demand for sustainable building solutions, CarbonBuilt’s Reversa™ technology offers an innovative pathway for success. Our energy-efficient approach uses low cost and readily available materials, embedding CO₂ emissions into the concrete during the curing process. This results in a greater than 60% reduction in the finished product’s carbon footprint, all while increasing your profitability.   


Products made using Reversa meet the appropriate specifications and standards recommended by NCMA, ICC-ES and other industry organizations. Incorporation of Reversa technology enables a 10-30% reduction in raw materials costs and the creation of a significant new revenue stream – the monetization of carbon dioxide removal, reduction and avoidance.  Together, these can radically improve the financials of concrete masonry and precast concrete production.


We believe strongly in completely aligning interests.  CarbonBuilt will co-invest alongside you in the retrofit of your plant.  Financials benefits resulting from operational savings and monetizing carbon benefits will be shared proportionately so that both parties see equivalent financial returns.

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