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With the emergence of new low-carbon technologies, concrete product manufacturing is uniquely positioned to lead a more sustainable future.

CarbonBuilt offers site-specific mix designs that capitalize on availability of low-cost, low-carbon, and locally sourced materials which dramatically reduce the use of Portland cement.


A specified mixture of hydrated lime, conventional supplementary cementitious materials and other materials offers an alternative binder that delivers proven “no compromise” performance when cured with dilute CO₂, generally from industrial or bio-based emission sources.

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CarbonBuilt is seeking to build partnerships with a wide range of pre-cast concrete manufacturers. We will engage in the following steps to determine feasibility.

CO₂ Accessibility

Access options and costs for both direct (piped) and merchant CO₂

Formulation Optimization

Balancing cost reduction and CO₂ uptake to maximize margin expansion while ensuring performance


Focused on locally available materials 

Equipment Requirements

Curing process retrofit 


CO₂ delivery/storage and processing


Storage of any new materials

Commercial Arrangement

Producer and CarbonBuilt share capex and margin expansion


Options available to further minimize upfront capital requirements for producer

Cement Pipes

Contact us if you are interested in discussing partnership with CarbonBuilt.

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