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Director of Marketing



The grand prize winner in 2021’s Carbon XPRIZE competition, CarbonBuilt addresses climate change by dramatically reducing the carbon footprint of concrete, the world’s most voluminous man-made material and a significant contributor of carbon emissions. We accomplish this using an approach that is capital light, highly profitable and highly scalable. CarbonBuilt team members have the opportunity to make a global and long-lasting impact on the defining challenge of our time – climate change. As we prepare for our commercial introduction later this year, CarbonBuilt is seeking a Director of Marketing to join our rapidly growing team.

As the first marketing hire at CarbonBuilt, you will support the company with brand-building and messaging; create and execute our marketing roadmap; and position CarbonBuilt as the industry leader in low carbon concrete. You will be hands-on in the early days, and then hire the team for growth. You will report directly to CarbonBuilt’s Head of Product.


CarbonBuilt’s constituents include 1) concrete manufacturers, 2) concrete end users (developers, architects, structural engineers, distributors, institutions), 3) institutional buyers of our high-quality carbon credits, 4) individual buyers of our carbon credits, and 5) concrete, climate-tech, and carbon markets thought leaders. You will drive revenue to the company through marketing to concrete products manufacturers and end-users, supporting the sale of carbon credits, and carve out a position for CarbonBuilt as a credible, transparent, data-driven thought-leader.



  • A minimum of 10 years experience building and leading a marketing team in a high-growth, high-complexity, multi-stakeholder environment. 

  • Operational experience with B2B brand-building, communications, digital marketing: social media / web / newsletters / blogs, conference marketing, campaigns, collateral development, etc., particularly for high-growth industrial-tech companies

  • Facility with modern marketing operations and associated technical stack.

  • Demonstrated ability to attract, hire, develop, and retain a team of top-tier employees, with a focus on industry-leading innovation and best practices.

  • Exemplary oral, visual, and written communication skills.



  • Develop a strategic marketing roadmap and budget.

  • Oversee a branding, messaging, + design project to ensure that corporate collateral and presentations are aligned with our goals.

  • Oversee our communications strategy and roadmap, to ensure that our public messaging and earned media are meeting our goals.

  • Set up systems to support social media best-practices, tracking, and performance-testing. 

  • Hire and lead the team to build capacity and enable effective execution of all plans. Ensure team satisfaction, development, and retention.

  • Prior to the team being fully in-place, collaborate with the Head of Product to ensure necessary work is done.


Benefits: Medical/dental/vision insurance wellness benefits, unlimited leave.


If you are interested in learning more about this role, please provide (as PDFs): a detailed resume and a short personal statement explaining your relevant experience and interests. Click the APPLY FOR THIS JOB button above. 

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