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CarbonBuilt’s approach provides a cost-neutral solution for builders, engineers, architects, and tenants seeking ways to reduce the carbon footprint of the built environment. Our “no compromise” concrete products meet existing specifications, are price-neutral, and reduce carbon emissions by 70-100%.

CarbonBuilt is launching with concrete blocks / CMUs and anticipates commercial availability in early 2023.


Reduce your carbon footprint with CarbonBuilt 

CarbonBuilt blocks prevent new CO₂ emissions and permanently remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Experiment with this slider to see how the impact stacks up quickly. 

Spoiler: CarbonBuilt blocks meet all the same specs but are better for the environment! 

Building Blocks_edited.jpg

Technical Specs

How do CarbonBuilt blocks compare to conventional CMU?

Click here for details.



Are you a developer, architect, general contractor, or engineer interested in using CarbonBuilt blocks in your project?

Please contact us.

Thanks for your interest in CarbonBuilt concrete blocks.

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