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While concrete is both the literal and figurative foundation of society, it is also a major contributor to climate change. Already responsible for almost 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, future demand for concrete – fueled by urban infrastructure growth in India and Africa – will continue to drive emissions higher.


We’re commercializing the revolutionary Reversa™ technology to break this linkage. Our solution cost-effectively uses CO₂ emissions from industrial sources and emerging direct air capture solutions to produce concrete, reducing emissions by at least 70%, and potentially more than 100%, when compared to traditional concrete.


With widespread adoption, Reversa can enable gigaton-scale CO₂ reductions and removals, storing this carbon in concrete...for good. 



CarbonBuilt's core technology emerged out of the Institute for Carbon Management at the University of California, Los Angeles. Led by third-generation civil engineer Gaurav Sant, the UCLA team demonstrated that dilute CO₂ streams such as those from industrial emissions could be cost-effectively converted into concrete using widely available low-cost and low-carbon materials. 


In early 2021, the UCLA CarbonBuilt team was awarded the prestigious NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE, the grand prize in five-year-long global contest designed to foster and fund the development of breakthrough technologies that convert CO₂ emissions into usable products.


The following month, CarbonBuilt was one of just six companies to secure a carbon purchase removal contract from Stripe in its second year of making such commitments. Based on its analysis of Stripe and Microsoft’s 2020 and 2021 carbon removal purchases, the non-profit CarbonPlan rated CarbonBuilt as best-in-class within the concrete mineralization space.


Today, CarbonBuilt is partnering with concrete product manufacturers to grow their top line while significantly increasing profitability, all enabled by the production of low carbon products using CarbonBuilt’s technology. 


CarbonBuilt offers benefits for three core groups. For heavy industries seeking ways to reduce CO₂ emissions, our turnkey projects offer a low cost route to do so. For the building industry, we offer on-spec concrete products that help projects achieve LEED certification or other sustainability criteria. Finally, we enable concrete producers to increase profitability while differentiating from competitors by meeting a growing demand for more sustainable concrete.



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